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Summer 2006     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 10, Issue 2

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Table of Contents
Student Perceptions, Beliefs, or Attitudes  /  4 
Teaching Leadership/Teaching Leaders  /  6    

Democracy in the Classroom?  /  7
	Paul R. Carr, Youngstown State University
Authentic Leadership in the College Classroom  /  12
	Penny Pennington, Oklahoma State University
Students’ Social Goals and Outcomes  /  17
	Daniel L. McCollum, University of Houston – Clear Lake, TX
Internship Reflections on Critical Incidents  /  22
	Donna D. Cooner, Colorado State University, CO
Who Influences Educational Decisions?  /  27
	S. David Brazer, George Mason University
	Susan A. Ross, George Mason University
Teaching Leadership as Creative Problem-solving  /  32
	Anthony Middlebrooks, University of Delaware
Self Assessment in the Methods Class  /  38
	Jessica Restaino, Montclair State University
Future Outlook Among African American Students  /  44
	Detris Honora Adelabu, Wheelock College
Action Research in School Leadership Programs  /  51
	Nathalis G. Wamba,  Queens College
A Search for Reciprocity: Service and Learning  /  57
	Saundra L. Wetig, University of Nebraska at Omaha, NE
	Sheryl McGlamery, University of Nebraska at Omaha, NE
Parallel Scheduling, Transforming Performance  /  62
	Tonya Williams, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC
	 Wayne White, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC
Educational Beliefs and the Learning Environment  /  67
	Glenn W. Rideout, The King’s University College, Canada 
Challenging Student Teachers’ Images of Teaching  /  72
	S. M. Lim, Teachers College, Columbia University
	A. Ieridou, Teachers College, Columbia University
	A. L. Goodwin, Teachers College, Columbia University
Civic and Political Leadership Education   /  77
	R. Marc Johnson, University of Virginia
	Quentin Kidd, Christopher Newport University
	Sean O’Brien, University of Virginia
	Thomas Shields, University of Richmond
Experience Design Methodology: The Four Questions  /  82
	Linda M. Gallant, Bentley College, MA
Putting an Ethical Frame on Problem Solving   /  88
	David L. Stader, University of Texas at Arlington
Women’s Career Experiences in Ag-Education  /  93
	Kathleen D. Kelsey, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Reading Partnerships for Teacher Candidates   /  99
	Nancy Reese-Durham, Fayetteville State University,  NC
Student Attitudes About Classroom Internet Use  /  104
	Vanessa Domine, Montclair State University, NJ
Children’s Perceptions of the Heroic Ideal  /  109
	Stephen D. Aloia,  California State University, Fullerton.
Follower perceptions of leader classroom behavior  /  116
	Cynthia S. Deale, Western Carolina University, NC
	John Garger, Binghamton University, NY
	Paul H. Jacques, Western Carolina University, NC
Technology in Education: “What?” or “how?”  /  121
	Claudette Thompson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
	George Bieger, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ethical Leadership: A Case Study Framework  /  126
	Susan C. Bon, George Mason University, OH
	W. Gregory Gerrick, Ashland University, OH
	Dan Sullivan, Ashland University, OH
	Sheryl Shea, Ashland University, OH
Challenges Facing Pre-Service Secondary Teachers  /  131
	Beverly J. Hartter, Ball State University, IN
	Jo Clay Olson, University of Colorado at Denver, CO
A Constructivist Pathway to Teacher Leadership  /  136
	Roger B. Peckover, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, MN
	Suzanne Peterson, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, MN
	Pat Christiansen, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, MN
	Louise Covert, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, MN
Integral Multidisciplinary Leadership Learning  /  141
	Judy L. Rogers, Miami University, OH
	Dennis C. Roberts, Miami University, OH
	David A. Cowan, Miami University, OH
Teaching Organizational Leadership Through Film  /  153
	JoAnn Danelo Barbour, Texas Woman’s University
Community Projects in a Senior Capstone Course  /  158
	Linda J. Anooshian, Boise State University
	Mary E. Pritchard, Boise State University
Reducing Social Work Students’ Statistics Anxiety  /  167
	Andrew Quinn,  University of North Dakota
Assessing Beliefs: The Epistemological Scenario   /  172
	Jodi Patrick Holschuh, University of Georgia
A Problem-Based Learning Approach to Leadership  /  177
	William W. Bostock, University of Tasmania
Student Perceptions of Learning Environments  /  182
	Mary Jo Garcia Biggs, Texas State University-San Marcos, TX
	Cynthia G. Simpson, Sam Houston State University, TX
	Scott L. Walker, Texas State University-San Marcos, TX
The curriculum: confronting neglect and abuse  /  187
	Sean MacBlain, Stranmillis University College, Belfast, Nr. Ireland.
	Bronagh McKee, Stranmillis University College, Belfast, Nr. Ireland.
	Martin MacBlain, Brislington College, Bristol, England.
Early reading development in adult ELLs  /  192
	Margo DelliCarpini, The City University of New York
Service Learning’s Impact on Civic Engagement  /  197
	Mary Prentice, New Mexico State University, NM
Beyond Facts:  Service-Learning and Asian History  /  201
	Sylvia Gray, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon
Washback Effects on Curriculum Innovation  /  206
	Li-Mei Chen, Valdosta State University, Georgia
Lessons in Ekphrasis: Writing and Analysis   /  211
	Cynthia Demetriou, Adelphi University, NY
Computer Mediated Communication in Textiles  /  216 
	Sara B. Marcketti, Iowa State University 
The Appalachian Trail: An Environmental Classroom  /  221
	 Robert E. Burkholder, Penn State University
Communication Service-learning Work Themes   /  226
	Toni S. Whitfield, James Madison University
Practicing to Teach:  Oral History in Education   /  231
	Lydia W. McCardle, Southeastern Louisiana University
	Cheryl L. Edwards, Southeastern Louisiana University
Service-Learning: Developing Servant Leaders  /  237
	Cynthia Roberts, Purdue North Central, Westville, IN
Involving Latino Families in Literacy  /  243
	Michelle Abrego, University of Texas-Brownsville
	Renee Rubin, University of Texas-Brownsville
	John A. Sutterby, University of Texas-Brownsville
Motivational Profiles of Korean Language Learners  /  248
	Jeongyi Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
Evaluating New Technology for Staff Development  /  253
	Brandt W. Pryor, Pryors Educational Services, Edwardsville, IL
	Carolyn H. Crawford, Lamar University, TX
	Desmond V. Rice, Lamar University, TX
	Caroline R. Pryor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
The Benefits of On-site Studies  /  260
	Victoria M. Time, Old Dominion University, Virginia 
Perceptions of Web-mediated Peer Assessment  /  265
	Lan Li, University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE
	Allen L, Steckelberg, University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE
More Discipline(s) with Qualitative Methods  /  270
	Harold E. Dorton, Texas State University
Strategy use, self-regulation and achievement   /  276
	Lindsey N. Conner,  Christchurch College of Education, New Zealand
AgriProp: Ecological Propaganda  /  282
	Cheryl Beckett, University of Houston, Texas
	Patrick Peters, University of Houston, Texas
Coming Home: Writing About Connections  /  288
	Glenda R. Balas, University of New Mexico

Keyword Subject Index   /  292-293
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