Summer 2001    ISSN 1096-1453    Volume 5, Issue 2

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Table of Contents: Student Perceptions, Beliefs, and Attitudes

Editorial:Seeing Education Through the Eyes of Students

Student Perceptions:  Agents of Interaction in Distance Classes  /  6
	Lorraine C. Schmertzing, Valdosta State University, GA
	Richard W. Schmertzing, Valdosta State University, GA
Enhancing Students' Sensibilities of Membership, Connection, 
Responsibility, and Purpose  /  12
	Maureen Porter, University of Pittsburgh, PA
	Liora Rapoport, University of Pittsburgh, PA
Student Stories of Ideal Science Lessons  /  18
	Scott Robinson, SUNY Brockport
Students' Perceptions  of Special Education Service Delivery Models  /  25
	Marie Tejero Hughes, University of Miami, FL
	Linda Saumell, University of Miami, FL
	Jane Sinagub, University of Miami, FL
Creating a First Year Seminar In Business  /  32
	Warren Schlesinger, Ithaca College
	Alan Cohen, Ithaca College
	Donald Lifton, Ithaca College
Factors Influencing Student Understanding  of Computer?Supported 
Classroom Activities  /  37
	Mary L. Stephen, Saint Louis University, MO
Key Factors in Adolescent Distributed Learning  /  43
	Julia E. W. Hengstler, Royal Roads University,  Canada
Passing the Torch: Developing Students'  Professional Identity through
 Connected Narratives  /  51
	Robin A. Mello, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
Preadolescents' Expectations for the Timing of Responsibilities 
and Privileges  /  58
	Rosalinda Quintanar Sarellana, San Josť State University, CA
	Deborah N. Wood, San Josť State University, CA
Composition, Critical Thinking, and Social Constructs: 
Writing about Gender  /  62
	Teresa Burns Murphy, Lyon College, AR
Attitudes and Perceptions about Diversity  among Counselor 
Education Graduate Students  /  66
	Rose Marie Hoffman, California State University, Long Beach
A comparison of high achievers' and low achievers' attitudes, 
perceptions, and motivations  /  71 
	D. Betsy McCoach, University of Connecticut
	Del Siegle, University of Connecticut
Intentional Forgiveness in Experiential Education:  A Technique 
for Reconciling Interpersonal Relationships  /  77
	Matthew Mitchell, Gonzaga University, WA
	Shann R. Ferch, Gonzaga University, WA
Maintaining Students' Sense of Community  in a Multiversity  /  83
	Tony Atwater, Northern Kentucky University, KY
	Dave Meabon, University of Toledo, OH
	Penny Poplin Gosetti, University of Toledo, OH
	Derrick Manns, Madonna University, MI
From a Grammar of Sentences to a Grammar of Texts: Thoughts 
and Impressions on Grammar and Writing  /  90
	Lahcen E. Ezzaher, University of Northern Colorado
Examining Poor and Affluent Students' Perceptions of Academic 
Achievement  /  95
	Adam Howard, Antioch College, OH
Mathematics Autobiographies:  A Window into Beliefs, Values, and Past
Mathematics Experiences of Preservice Teachers  /  101
	Julie A. Sliva, San Jose State University, CA
	Cheryl Roddick, San Jose State University, CA
Communication, Humor, and Personality:  Student's Attitudes to 
Learning Online  /  108
	Diane J. Goldsmith, Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium
College Students' Utilization and Perceptions  of Disability Support 
Services  /  113
	Terri A. Forsbach, Arkansas State University
	Jennifer Rice Mason, Arkansas State University
Program Completion Barriers Faced  by Adult Learners in 
Higher Education  /  120
	Brit Osgood-Treston, Riverside Community College, CA
Cooperative Education within a Liberal Arts Tradition  /  125
	Adam Howard, Antioch College, OH
	Patricia Linn, Antioch College, OH
Dramatic History or Historical Drama?  /  133
	Ray E. Scrubber, Indiana University
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning  in Undergraduate 
Distance Education  /  138
	Elizabeth A. Buchanan, University of Wisconsin
A Learning Styles View of Success: Perceive and Achieve!  /  144
	Heide Hlawaty, St. John's University, NY
Teacher Student Interactions  and Teacher Competence in 
Primary Science  /  148
	Bruce G. Waldrip, La Trobe University, Australia
	Darrell L. Fisher, Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Taking A Stand:  Students Choose  "Community Based 
Learning"  /  154
	Bonnie M. Winfield, Mt. Holyoke College, MA
Students' Perspectives and Merit Pay Systems  for K-12 
Teachers  /  159
	Olivia F. Porter, The College of Saint Rose,  NY
	James D. Allen, The College of Saint Rose,  NY
Mathematics Self-efficacy Performance Discrepancies  of 
Underprepared (Developmental)  and Regular Admission 
College Students  /  167 
	Dawn B. Young, Bossier Parish Community College, TX
	Kathryn Ley, University of Houston - Clear Lake, TX
Science Autobiographies:   What non-science majors tell us 
about science education   /  176
	Gail E. Gasparich, Towson University, MD
	M. Paz Galupo, Towson University, MD
Perspectives of Adult Learners on Returning to College: 
A Study of Tenacious Persisters  /  181
	Laura G. Hensley, Louisiana State University, LA
	Kevin Kinser, Louisiana State University, LA
The Organization of the Concept of Knowledge  /  187
	Chun Wah Lee, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Path to Lifelong Learning:  A Case for Preservice Teacher 
Research  /  193
	Rebecca Clemente, North Central College, IL
	Iris Nierenberg Palazesi, Florida Department of Education, FL

Student Voice
Notes from the Literature Core Curriculum Trenches  /  199
	Steve Long, Southern Illinois University, IL

Teaching Mindfully:  Teaching with Authority  /  119
	Heather Ann Ackley Bean, Azusa Pacific University
Perspectives:  Technology and the Human Factor: Providing 
the Personal Touch
	Louie Edmundson, Chattanooga State Technical Community College

Subject Editor:  Rosaria Caporrimo, Ph.D.

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