Who we are...

Editor-in-chief:  Athena Perrakis,   University of Southern California
	I am a doctoral student in the Rossier School of 
	Education at USC.  I have a Masters degree in 
	comparative literature from USC, where I currently
	teach two sections of composition as an Assistant 
	Lecturer.  In addition, I work administratively 
	for The Writing Program as an Instructional
	Coordinator, which means that I help train and 
	mentor incoming instructors.  I also teach 
	English part-time at the community college 
	level, and work as the Graduate  Intern for the 
	Center for Excellence in Teaching at USC.  
	My passion is teaching.  In my "free" time, 
	I work.

Assistant Editor:   Jamie Grasser, University of Northern Colorado
	I am a sophomore attending the University 
	of Northern Colorado, working toward a degree 
	in English, a minor in History, and I am a part 
	of the teaching program here on campus.  I would 
	like to teach high school English courses while 
	continuing my education and eventually receiving 
	my Ph.D.  I am the vice-president and co-founder 
	of The Writer's Block, a small, on-campus writing 
	and reading club that encourages the integration 
	of reading analysis and writing techniques as an 
	opportunity to improve both academic and creative 
	writing.  I also am in charge of The Writer's 
	Block annual publication.  I work as a English 
	Tutor for the Center for Human Enrichment Program 
	here at UNC and love my puppy!

Faculty Advisor to AE Extra:  Dr. Ben Varner,   University of Northern Colorado,CO
	I am an Associate Professor of English at 
	the University of Northern Colorado.  In 
	addition to having the pleasure of advising 
	the student editors of AE Extra,  I enjoy 
	teaching and researching Victorian Literature, 
	Composition Theory, the Bronte Sisters, and 
	Charles Dickens. I also serve as a Senior 
	Editor of  Academic Exchange Quarterly.  

	As a Senior Editor, I am especially interested 
	in receiving well-written student essays 
	focusing on education issues from the student's 
	point of view.  These essays will
	be considered for publication in  AEQ, the 
	parent journal. Please send them to me as an
	e-mail or Word attachment.

The views expressed in the AE Extra are solely those of the writers and do not reflect the views
and opinions of the Academic Exchange Quarterly, its staff, or its members.