May 14, 2000

How did you learn...?
Since January 2000 AEQ has been polling new subscribers on  
How did you learn about Academic Exchange Quarterly?
60%  of contacts was generated by journal's own page, 
journal itself or our host Higher Education Resource Network.
Here is a selected listing (30%) of other organizations or 
Internet sites as reported by AEQ new subscribers.  
Some were reported more than once.
10% of new subscribers failed to respond.

- Adirondack Community College Library
- Bulletin Board
- Akron Community Online Resource Network 
- American Sociological Association 1998-1999 Council Minutes
- Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection
- Center for Instructional Development and Research, University of Washington
- Colorado State University Libraries
- Connecticut Department of Higher Education
- Distance Education Systemwide Interactive Electronic Newsletter
- English Server
- GESIS-Clearinghouse: teaching in Germany
- Great Links for French Culture and Language Teachers
- Hiram College Library
- International Knowledge Network
- IS Education and Research
- I*EARN in Action
- Keene State College Library
- LINGUIST List 10.1065
- Methodist Ladies' College Library
- National Resource Center Archives
- Private Schools
-, The Internet Directory of Publications
- UCLA Service-Learning Clearing House Project
- USBE's Shelf List
- Virtual University Press
- Web Links: Education
The "achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."   Vince Lombardi