Who we are...

AE Extra Editor:  vacant

Faculty Advisor to AE Extra:  Dr. Ben Varner,   University of Northern Colorado,CO

Note: starting with February 2000 issue AE Extra will be edited entirely by students.
I envision AE Extra becoming a student-run online publication...

AE Extra will consist mainly of student essays solicited and put into
the online portal by a group of literate, creative students (ranging
from high schools to universities) working under my advisorship.
Essays written by faculty will, of course, be accepted too, but the
students will decide which ones to publish.

I would like very much for each of you to nominate a student from your
department or division to participate as a student editor. I will contact
the student, explain this new concept, and see if the student would like to
join us. If you could send me the student's name and e-mail address,
then I can do the rest. Thanks so much.
Dr. Ben Varner, University of Northern Colorado

Lifestyle Editor:  Jennie Ver Steeg ,   Northern Illinois University,IL

Book Reviewer:  Maureen Connolly ,   Elmhurst College,IL

Columnists:  Mark Doorley,   Villanova University, PA

Columnists:  Peg Tittle,   Nipissing University, Canada

Columnists:  Daniel Sokol,   Student,   St Edmund Hall, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Columnists:  Dwight Hunter,   Chattanooga State Technical Community College, TN  

Columnists:  George Cassutto,   North Hagerstown High School, MD  

Columnists:   Bill Stifler,   Chattanooga State Technical Community College, TN  

Columnists:  Dr. Linda Serra Hagedorn,   University of Southern California  

Columnists:   Dr. Mike Garant,   University of Helsinki, Finland  

Columnists:  Laurie Hagberg,   Village Christian High in Sun Valley, CA  

Columnists:  Justin Ober,   University of Massachusetts Dartmouth  

Columnists:  Dr. Arthur Kingsland ,   University of Newcastle, Australia  

Columnists:  Theo. R. Leverenz, Ph.D.   EPPA Consulting, Georgetown, KY  

Webmaster:  Peter S. Grzeskow,   College of Saint Rose, NY  

The views expressed in the AE Extra are solely those of the writers and do not reflect the views
and opinions of the Academic Exchange Quarterly, its staff, or its members.