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Winter 2001    ISSN 1096-1453    Volume 5, Issue 4

Table of Contents: Online Instruction and Its Assessment

Editorial: We have in this winter issue of AEQ an impressive array of articles
Online Instruction
Factors for Success in Online and Face-to-Face Instruction  /  4
	Brian Miller, University of Massachusetts
	Nancy L. Cohen, University of Massachusetts
	Patricia Beffa-Negrini, University of Massachusetts
Online Instruction:  New Roles for Teachers and Students  /  11
	Suzanne Young, University of Wyoming
	Pamela P. Cantrell, University of Nevada, Reno
	Dale G. Shaw, University of Northern Colorado
Statistics Through the Medium of Internet: What Students Think and Achieve  /  17
	Yaacov B Yablon, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
	Yaacov J Katz, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
The Academy on the Web: Preparing to Evaluate Online Courses  /  23
        Anne Bliss, University of Colorado at Boulder, CO
Self Selection of Learning Mode in an Online Course  /  29
	Linda Ross, University of Washington, WA
Designing Effective Instructional Strategies  for a Web-Enhanced Course 
on Web-Based Instruction  /  34
	Nada Dabbagh, George Mason University, VA
The Design Elements in Developing Effective Learning  
and Instructional Web-sites  /  40
	Christina Vogt, University of Southern California
	Dave Kumrow, California State University
	E. Kazlauskas, University of Southern 
How Useful are Portfolios to Assess Online Learning  /  48
	Sima Sengupta, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Teachers' Assessment of Online Forum Contributions  /  53
	Karen Ngeow, Indiana University, IN
Some Advantages and Problems Associated with Distance Education  /  59
	Joseph H. Caruth Jr., University of Maryland
Assessment of Learning Outcomes in an Online Environment  /  63
	Sarah R. Lucas, Columbia University, NY
Why Interact Online If It's Not Assessed?  /  70
	Meg O'Reilly, Southern Cross University,  Australia
	Diane Newton, Southern Cross University,  Australia
The Cyber-Revolution in its Historical Context  /  77
	Cynthia J. MacGregor, Southwest Missouri State University
Investigating Undergraduate Students' Attitudes 
on the Use of the Networked Technology  /  83
	Symeon Retalis, University of Cyprus
	Yannis Psaromiligkos, Technological Education Institute of Piraeus, Greece
Evaluating Online Learners in Applied Psychology  /  88
	Nancy A. Piotrowski, Capella University, MN
	Mary Bemker, Capella University, MN
	Bruce Fischer, Capella University, MN
	Shelly Kleine, Capella University, MN
	Steven V. Schneider, Capella University, MN
	Linda Whitley Reed, Capella University, MN
Assessment of Thinking Levels in Students' Answers  /  94
	Joseph J. Pear, University of Manitoba, Canada
	Darlene E. Crone-Todd, University of Manitoba, Canada
	Kirsten Wirth, University of Manitoba, Canada
	Heather Simister, University of Manitoba, Canada
Evaluating Pollutsim: Computer Supported Roleplay-Simulation  /  99
	Denise Kirkpatrick, University of New England, Australia
	Robert Mclaughlan, University of Technology, Australia
Assessing Higher Levels of Learning in Post-Secondary Education  /  106
	Heather Kanuka, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada
Comparing Face-to-Face with Online: Learners' Perspective  /  112
	Jan Brace-Govan, Monash University, Australia
	Val Clulow, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
The Scholar Project  /  118
	Jane Paterson, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
Distance Learning:  Instructional Strategies that Work  /  122
	Paula K. Greene, Northern Arizona University
Chico's First-Year Experience Course: A Case Study  /  128
	Sarah Blakeslee, California State University, Chico
	Jim Owens, California State University, Chico
	Lori Dixon, California State University, Chico
A Comparative Analysis of Learning Experience
in A Traditional vs. Virtual Classroom Setting  /  133
	Rahim Ashkeboussi, Frostburg State University, MD
A Computer By Any Other Name  /  139
	Mary E. Lane-Kelso, Northern Arizona University
A Comparison of Student Perceptions 
in Traditional and Online Classes  /  143
	Cynthia J. MacGregor, Southwest Missouri State University
Evaluating the Use of Instructional Technology in Higher Education  /  149
	Cheryl Bullock, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
	Lizanne DeStefano, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Use of the Web for Teaching-Learning: 
A Knowledge Management Approach  /  157
	Li Tsze Sun, Sultan Qaboos University, The Sultanate of Oman 
Determining  Educational Viability of Online Discussions: 
A Student-Centered Approach  /  162
	Dave S. Knowlton, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL
A Case Evaluation in Internet Assisted Laboratory Teaching  /  168
	Garry Crawford, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Distance Learning: One Student's Perspective  /  174
	Mike McNaughton, University of South Florida

On-going  Topics
Writing for Nonprofit Organizations:  A Classroom Without Walls  /  179
	Jean S. Filetti, Christopher Newport University, VA
Assessing Adult Learner Social Role Performance  /  184
	James E. Witte, Auburn University, AL
	Anthony J. Guarino, Auburn University, AL
	Waynne B. James, University of South Florida
Impact of Service Learning on the Cognitive 
and Affective Development of Pre-service Teachers  /  190
	Maria Angelova, Cleveland State University, OH
The New "3Rs": Gender and the Science and Engineering Classroom  /  196
	Judy E. Sneller, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, SD
A Response to the NCTM Standards: 
Confidence and Competence Project (C2)  /  203
	Barbara M. Moskal, Colorado School of Mines, CO
	Barbara B. Bath,  Colorado School of Mines, CO
Effective Models for Assessing the Costs of Educational Technologies  /  212
	Tom Henderson, Washington State University
	Gary Brown, Washington State University

Subject/Issue Editor: Ben Varner, Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado         
Illustrator: Kappa Waugh, Vassar College, NY

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