Winter   2001
Volume 5, Issue 4

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Online Instruction and Its Assessment: 207, 309, 880, 1021, 1044, 1080, 1098, 2016, 2020,
                2025, 2029, 2066

Non-thematic submissions: All those not published in the Fall issue,
                plus: 309, 330, 331, 861, 1071, 2005, 2013

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ONLINE-IN: Online Instruction and Its Assessment
  Focus:  The number of online courses is increasing, and there is a 
          growing need to assess their effectiveness.  How should 
          such instruction be evaluated?  This issue is devoted to 
          theoretical and practical methods of assessing online course 
          quality, student learning outcomes from online instruction, 
          student qualification criteria before enrolling in online 
          courses, faculty qualifications regarding online course 
          delivery, and comparisons of face-to-face  classroom
          instruction with online instruction.
  Who Should Submit:  Those who have taught online courses and have 
          developed theoretical and applied methods of assessing the 
          effectiveness of such instruction. 
  Subject Editor: Ben Varner, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor of English
          University of Northern Colorado
          Greeley, CO  80631
  Submission deadline -  July 1st 2001 
  by popular demand, extended till July 27th December 1st
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