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International and Comparative Higher Education:

The International Handbook of Higher Education
(2 Volumes, 1220 pages)
by James Forest and Philip Altbach

Our Price: $499.00

Higher Education in Latin America: The International Dimension
by Hans de Wit, et. al.

Our Price: $26.40
Private Higher Education: A Global Revolution
by Philip Altbach

Our Price: $49.00
Globalizing Practices and University Responses: European and Anglo-American Differences
by Jan Currie, et. al

Our Price: $70.95
Higher Education: A Worldwide Inventory of Centers and Programs
by Philip Altbach and Dave Engberg

Our Price: $63.95
Used Price: $23.94

Creating Entrepreneurial Universities: Organizational Pathways of Transformation
by Burton R. Clark

Our Price: $29.50

Internationalization of Higher Education in the United States of America and Europe

by Hans de Witt
Our Price: $102.95
Asian Universities: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Challenges
by Philip Altbach and Toru Umakoshi
Our Price: $35.00
Used Price: $26.27

International Handbook of Universities
(18th edition)
by International Association of Universities

Our Price: $340.00

African Education: An International Reference Handbook
by Damtew Teferra and Philip Altbach
Our Price: $89.95
Used Price: $62.97

Assessing Quality in European Higher Education Institutions
(18th edition)
by Chiara Orsingher

Our Price: $89.95


University Teaching: International Perspectives
by James JF Forest

Our Price: $130.00


Higher Education in the United States:

The Insider's Guide to Colleges 2006
by The Staff of the Yale Daily News

Our Price: $12.59


American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
(New Edition)
by Philip G. Altbach, Robert O. Berdahl, Patricia J. Gumport

Our Price: $28.00
Used Price: $16.63


The Best 361 Colleges, 2006
by Tom Meltzer

Our Price: $14.93
Used Price: $12.05


Presidential Transition in Higher Education: Managing Leadership Change
by James Martin and James Samels

Our Price: $11.53


Fiske Guide to Colleges 2006

Our Price: $14.92
Used Price: $8.03


The Uses of the University (5th Edition)
by Clark Kerr

Our Price: $11.53

The Official SAT Study Guide

Our Price: $11.97
Used Price: $9.40

Higher Education in the United States: An Encyclopedia
(2 Volumes, 820 pages)
by James Forest and Kevin Kinser

Our Price: $185.00
Used Price: $144.35


Study Abroad for Dummies

Our Price: $13.59


In Defense of American Higher Education
by Philip G. Altbach, Patricia J. Gumport, and D. Bruce Johnstone

Our Price: $19.95


2004 Guide to U.S. Universities for International Students
by Education Network

Our Price: $14.95


Higher Learning in America 1980-2000
by Arthur Levine

Our Price: $19.95


Universities in the Marketplace: The Commercialization of Higher Education
by Derek Bok

Our Price: $11.53
Used Price: $5.42


Building the Responsive Campus: Creating High Performance Colleges and Universities
by William G. Tierney

Our Price: $52.95


American Higher Education: A History
by Christopher J. Lucas

The American College and University: A History
by Frederick Rudolph

By together and save!
Our price for both: $38.42


The Shaping of American Higher Education : Emergence and Growth of the Contemporary System
by Arthur M. Cohen

Our Price: $40.00


What Matters in College
by Alexander W. Astin

Our Price: $32.00


How College Affects Students : Findings and Insights
from Twenty Years of Research

by Ernest T. Pascarella, Patrick T. Terenzini

Our Price: $50.00


Civic Responsibility And Higher Education
by Thomas Ehrlich

Our Price: $34.50

Academic Administrator's Guide to Meetings
A Jossey-Bass Publication

Teaching Tips : Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers (10th edition)
by Wilbert J. McKeachie and Graham Gibbs

Our Price: $34.75


Community Service and Higher Learning : Explorations of the Caring Self
by Robert A. Rhoads

Our Price: $16.06



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