In 1997, The Herald-Sun produced an 8-day series focusing on the future of historically black colleges and universities. Other related articles from that newspaper are also listed below. Access to these articlces may require (free) registration on their website.

Invisible colleges
Steeped in history, black colleges push to find their place in the 21st century

HBCUs keep history alive
Archival survey project identifies unique collections

The salvation of black folks
Freedom through education spurs rise of black colleges

Burning the midnight oil
Black college professors wear many hats

The HBCU Advantage?
Students drawn by comfort, tradition of black colleges

A clearer future
Black colleges chart course for next century

A different world
At 92 percent, whites change flavor of Bluefield

Leadership renewed
Black college leaders take different approaches to changing times

The scramble for dollars
'Begging and thanking,' HBCUs pursue financial security

Do the white thing
Black colleges try to promote diversity while maintaining character

Elite preps weigh black college option

Getting by on faith alone
Tiny Barber-Scotia is awash in debt and doubts

N.C. Central's future is now

A school without peer
Spelman rides wave of success

New century, new faces

Herald-Sun writer takes top honors for HBCU series


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