Course Title: Administration In Higher Education

        Instructor Professor Robert Hendrickson
       Institution Penn. State University
Office Number n/a
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The purpose of this course is to expose the student to the literature on management of higher education institutions. Doctoral students should have a reading knowledge of the literature on management and administration in higher education. This course is designed to facilitate the acquisition of that reading knowledge.


Class Participation: Students are expected to participate in this class through discussion. This will be achieved in four ways:

  1. Students will be given case studies based on issues and problems relevant to the topic. They will be asked to participate in the discussion of the case study in light of their designated role.

  2. Group projects will require students to participate in the group activity as well as participating class.

  3. Lecture discussions will require students to participate in the discussion.

  4. Evaluation of participation will be based on student’s knowledge of the literature and their ability to focus on the issue under discussion.

Case Studies: Three case studies will require written assignments. The quality of these assignments will be assessed and grades will be given.

Paper: The course requires a paper due on the twelfth class, November 24. The proposed paper topic shall be developed by the student and submitted in a paragraph to the instructor for approval by October 20. Papers should be at least 12 and not more than 25 typed and double-spaced pages. The early due date will allow for feedback and the option for revisions based on instructor comments.

The paper should deal with an administrative problem which will be addressed by a review of relevant literature and interviews with appropriate administrators. The paper may be on the topic assigned for class presentation or another topic of interest.

Class Presentations: Students will be required to research a topic within the course outline. This will be library research with the objective of presenting the current research and literature on the topic. These topics will be chosen on the first day of class. Students should prepare a 1-3 page outline of the issues and a list of sources for distribution to the class. Students will be evaluated on he quality of items chosen for inclusion and the organization of the presentation.


Class Participation: 15%

Presentations: 20%

Case Studies 30%

Major Paper: 35%


Birnbaum, R. (1988). How colleges work: The cybernetics of academic organization and leadership, 1st Edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Required)

Peterson, M. (1995). ASHE reader on organization and governance in higher education, 5th Edition. Washington, DC: Ginn Press. (Required)

Bolman, L G. & Deal, T. E. (1997). Reframing organizations, 2nd Edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Required)

Peterson, M. W. & Mets. L. A. (1987). Key resources on higher education governance, management, and leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Optional)

A class packet of readings (may be checked out through the Program secretary in 115 Charlotte).


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