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Colleges and Universities (L)

  1. La Cite Collegiale
  2. La Salle University
  3. La Sierra University
  4. La Trobe University
  5. LaGrange College
  6. LaSalle College Group
  7. Lafayette College
  8. Lahti Polytechnic
  9. Lajos Kossuth University of Arts and Sciences
  10. Lake Forest College
  11. Lake Superior College
  12. Lake Superior State University
  13. Lakehead University
  14. Lamar University
  15. Lambton College
  16. Lancaster University
  17. Landmark College
  18. Lane Community College
  19. Langston University
  20. Lanzhou University
  21. Lappeenranta University of Technology
  22. Laramie County Community College
  23. Las Positas Community College
  24. Laurentian University
  25. Laval University
  26. Lawrence University
  27. Le Moyne College
  28. LeTourneau University
  29. Lebanon Valley College
  30. Leeds Metropolitan University
  31. Leeward Community College
  32. Lehigh Carbon Community College
  33. Lehigh University
  34. Leiden University
  35. Lenoir-Rhyne College
  36. Lethbridge Community College
  37. Lewis & Clark College
  38. Lewis & Clark Community College
  39. Lewis University
  40. Lewis-Clark State College
  41. Lewisham College
  42. Lexington Community College
  43. Liberal Arts Christian College, Lithuania
  44. Liberec University of Technology
  45. Libero Istituto Universitario Carlo Cattaneo
  46. Liberty University
  47. Liceu de Macau
  48. Lillehammer College
  49. Limburgs Universitair Centrum
  50. Limestone College
  51. Lincoln University
  52. Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
  53. Linfield College
  54. Lingnan College
  55. Linkoping University
  56. Liverpool John Moores University
  57. Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
  58. Lodz Technical University
  59. Logan College of Chiropractic
  60. Loma Linda University
  61. London Business School
  62. London Guildhall University
  63. London School of Economics
  64. Long Island University
  65. Longview Community College
  66. Longwood College
  67. Longwood College
  68. Loras College
  69. Los Angeles Community Colleges
  70. Los Angeles Harbor College
  71. Los Rios Community College District
  72. Loughborough University of Technology
  73. Louisiana State University
  74. Louisiana State University Medical Center
  75. Louisiana State University, Shreveport
  76. Louisiana Tech University
  77. Lousiana College
  78. Loyola College
  79. Loyola Marymount University
  80. Loyola University, Chicago
  81. Loyola University, New Orleans
  82. Ludwig Maximilians Universität, München
  83. Lulea University
  84. Lund Institute of Technology
  85. Lund University
  86. Luther College
  87. Lycee de Garcons Esch
  88. Lycoming College
  89. Lynchburg College
  90. Lynn University
  91. Lyon College




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