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Colleges and Universities (W)

  1. WHU Koblenz School of Corporate Management
  2. Wabash College
  3. Wageningen Agricultural University
  4. Wagner College
  5. Waikato Polytechnic
  6. Waikato University
  7. Wakayama University
  8. Wake Forest University
  9. Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen Junior College
  10. Walden University
  11. Walla Walla College
  12. Warner Pacific College
  13. Warren Wilson College
  14. Warsaw School of Economics
  15. Warsaw University
  16. Warsaw University of Technology
  17. Waseda University
  18. Washburn University
  19. Washington & Lee University
  20. Washington Bible College & Capital Bible Seminary
  21. Washington College
  22. Washington State University
  23. Washington University in St. Louis
  24. Washtenaw Community College
  25. Waterford Regional Technical College
  26. Waubonsee Community College
  27. Wayne State University
  28. Waynesburg College
  29. Weber State University
  30. Webster University
  31. Weizmann Institute of Science
  32. Wellesley College
  33. Wells College
  34. Wentworth Institute of Technology
  35. Wesley College
  36. Wesleyan University
  37. West Chester University
  38. West Coast University
  39. West Georgia College
  40. West Liberty State College
  41. West Texas A&M University
  42. West University of Timisoara
  43. West Valley College
  44. West Virginia State College
  45. West Virginia University
  46. Western Baptist College
  47. Western Carolina University
  48. Western Connecticut State University
  49. Western Illinios University
  50. Western Iowa Community College
  51. Western Iowa Tech Community College
  52. Western Kentucky University
  53. Western Maryland College
  54. Western Michigan University
  55. Western Nebraska Community College
  56. Western Nevada Community College
  57. Western New England College
  58. Western New England College School of Law
  59. Western Oregon State College
  60. Western State College of Colorado
  61. Western Washington University
  62. Westfälische Wilhelms Universität, Münster
  63. Westminster College, Missouri
  64. Westminster College, Oxford
  65. Westminster College, Pennsylvania
  66. Westminster College, Salt Lake City
  67. Westminster Theological Seminary
  68. Westmont College
  69. Westmoreland County Community College
  70. Wharton School
  71. Wheaton College, Illinois
  72. Wheaton College, Massachusetts
  73. Wheeling Jesuit College
  74. Whitecliffe College of Art & Design
  75. Whitman College
  76. Whittier College
  77. Whitworth College
  78. Wichita State University
  79. Widener University
  80. Wilfrid Laurier University
  81. Wilkes University
  82. Willamette University
  83. William Howard Taft University
  84. William Jewell College
  85. William Paterson College
  86. William Penn College
  87. William Rainey Harper College
  88. William Woods University
  89. Williams Baptist College
  90. Williams College
  91. Wilmington College
  92. Wilson College
  93. Wingate University
  94. Winona State University
  95. Winthrop University
  96. Wittenberg University
  97. Wofford College
  98. Wolfson College, Oxford
  99. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  100. Worthington Community College
  101. Wright State University
  102. Wroclaw Technical University
  103. Wu-Feng Junior College of Technology & Commerce
  104. Wuhan University (Alumni)
  105. Wuhan University of Technology




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